Posh Share Bot

Welcome to PoshShareBot. We specialize in Poshmark automation. But before we get into that, let’s talk about you.

Are you frustrated with your sales numbers from your closet on Poshmark?

If so, you are probably dealing with one of three common scenarios:

1.    You have a closet full of clothes that you’d like to get rid of and make some cash in the process. However it’s a bit ironic how difficult it has become to use Poshmark for the purpose it was originally designed to do. But how does a newbie compete with all of the power sellers on Poshmark?

2.    You’re running your closet in addition to your day job, but it’s hard to put the time in to do all of the activities it takes to build and run your business. You’re either working non-stop or you aren’t bringing in the cash, or both (yikes!). But you just know in your heart there has got to be some way to break through to that next level.

3.    You are Poshing full time, however the 14-16 hours a day you put in just to scratch out a living almost makes you miss your old soul crushing 9-5 job, but let’s face it, there is no going back to that. If there was just an easier way to run your business and make a living with your soul still intact without working around the clock every single day.

In all of these scenarios, you find yourself spending too much time in the endless liking and sharing of items just to keep you and your listings relevant. The endless busy work of pushing buttons that causes neck and back pain for so many women along with finding cute clothes to sell, creating listings, communicating with buyers, and shipping out your orders is so tedious that it drives you crazy!

To sell lots of volume, you need exposure, and to get exposure you need to share your items, do return shares, and find the right people to follow, all on a massive scale. That is a considerable amount of button pushing especially when you consider how much time you need to devote to answering questions to more buyers. And more buyers mean more packages to box up and ship.

All of this leads to the one thing that you desperately need to grow your business and survive on Poshmark:

Time Efficiency

It seems like an impossible task to become more efficient on your own. You’ve undoubtedly thought about what you could do to improve your situation. Wouldn’t it be nice to get some helpers to do this for you so you could spend your time finding cute clothes to sell?

Sure, you’ve guilted your family into helping you and maybe you’ve even thrown a few dollars at the neighbor kid down the street just to push the “Share” button for you a few hundred times a couple nights a week. After a while though, the reality of how ridiculous this entire process works sets in and the fun of selling clothes on Poshmark slowly evaporates right along with your profit margins.

What if some of these required actions could become virtually automatic and you could focus more on the activities that inspired you in the first place?

Wouldn’t your day be filled with more passion and excitement versus the pain and drudgery of hitting the ‘Share’ button 30,000 times a day?

There is a solution to your struggles:


Yes, I’m talking about bots. You know, those software programs that automate all of that annoying button pushing that takes up too much of your time and strains your neck and carpals in the process.

PoshShareBot is a Poshmark share bot. It streamlines all of the necessary actions to share your items out of your Closet to your followers automatically.

As a Poshmark bot, PoshShareBot can also automatically share items out of the Feed to your followers. This gets lots of people to return share your items, people who are online and active right now.

It can also do all of your Return Sharing for you. No more worries about falling behind on returning love to all your Posh PFFs.

And with just one click you can share your closet into the party.

You can also have it share out of the parties to your followers. This gets lots of new buyers into your closet.

PoshShareBot even has a super-secret bot that gets lots of active buyers to follow you; buyers who are looking for what you’ll selling. It’s better than being on the SU wheel.

PoshShareBot will only share items that are approved for sale in Poshmark. (It will not share X-Box games or anything else that shouldn’t be there.) And it will not share sold items.

When you receive a question from a buyer, PoshShareBot will automatically send you the comment in a text message to your phone. Thus you are freed from having to always watch your News feed. Same for when you receive an offer or a sale.

And what about captchas? We automatically solve all captchas. No need to babysit the bots. Our automatic captcha solvers will solve your captchas automatically!

All of this you control from a Control Panel on your smart phone from anywhere! You can control your bots while you’re getting a mani/pedi at the mall!


You are in control. You can run your PoshShareBot all you want. You can run it all day, all night, every day. You are not limited to a few times a week like other bot companies.

With PoshShareBot, you receive 24/7 technical phone support. If for any reason you have a problem, just text us and we’ll help you. Most problems are fixed over text in just a couple of minutes. You will receive all software updates automatically. We created this software with the needs of the Posher in mind and will continue to do so as Poshmark grows and changes over time.

PoshShareBot also has its own private secure online forum where you can do exactly that. You are given your own random user-number. Everything is completely anonymous. All the PoshShareBot users talk in the forum about poshing and the use of PoshShareBot.

The most valuable and needed benefit that PoshShareBot offers its users is time freedom; the ability to manage quality time with your family. PoshShareBot users are regaining a great quality of life as they can balance valuable time between the app and their personal lives. (Plus it has been said to relieve neck pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, and general button-itis insanity. But we can’t make medical claims : )

PoshShareBot will automatically control the speed at which your bots share, thus maximizing your exposure to shoppers while playing fair with the Poshmark server. You will never be “blocked” or put into “share jail” by the Poshmark watchdog software for sharing too fast. Our automatic governor controls how fast you share, no matter how many bots you run, keeping you going at the top allowed speed.

And all activity in the bots is completely random times, keeping them “human-like”.

Everybody wins with PoshShareBot; yourself, your family, and your Posh share supporters.

You don’t need any technical skills to use PoshShareBot. If you can use Poshmark, you can use PoshShareBot.

PoshShareBot is the most advanced and most powerful system built for use on Poshmark. It’s easy to use, user friendly, and intuitive.

Now the important question:

What does it cost?

You only pay for what you use.
– No automated billing
– No credit card
– Nothing to install
– Nothing to sign
– No commitment

And we offer a few different packages that are designed to meet the needs and goals of your current Poshmark business.

To help you decide if PoshShareBot is right for you, we’re offering you a free two-week trial. No obligation. No pressure. Just use PoshShareBot for two full weeks and then you can just walk away, no hard feelings.

There is never anything to sign. There is no commitment. You can leave at any time with no obligation whatsoever.

The bots run on either Mac or Windows.

In summary, selling fashion on Poshmark has become very labor intensive. In order to run your closet successfully, you have to automate the monotonous button pushing.

The truth of the matter is that bots are here to stay on Poshmark. You can either jump on board this train to the top or you can sit back and get run over by it. The choice is yours.

Try out PoshShareBot for two weeks for free and see if automation is for you.

We’re sure you have many questions. Just send them to us in an email to support@PoshShareBot.com
Your information is completely secure and private with us. We never share your information with any party. We never send sales emails. Our business is built on trust and confidentiality.

PoshShareBot is not associated with Poshmark. Poshmark is a trademark of Poshmark Inc.